10 Steps to Optimize Your Magento Checkout Conversion Rate

Have you ever heard of an extension for e-commerce store called Magento 2 One Step Checkout? This question may be silly with the e-commerce store owners as this module is the best tool to optimize checkout page which is the most updated platform of e-commerce website nowadays for Magento 2 store users.

Then, why is One Step Checkout extension so important to Magento 2 community? And why is it so necessary to optimize the checkout page? The answer is simple, all effort is used to boost the conversion rate.

Instead of a long list of various issues to take care of, we introduce you the 10 easy but productive steps to optimize your checkout conversion rate. Let’s begin!

Product Videos

To bring your website to the next level of e-commerce and to be unique from others, instead of only posting product images, let’s make a short video show shoppers the advanced feature of your commodities. Mostly, Video can catch shoppers eyes than images.

Obvious Price and Fee

According to a survey of Statista, 71% shoppers claim to abandon their cart due to the unexpected extra fee. Hence, do not surprise your shoppers with the price, let them decide clearly what they want to buy as finance issues need to be obvious. Particularly, shipping fee should be estimated in the product detail page.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Flexible Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart should be displayed on every page on your website to let shoppers track their purchases. Moreover, the shopping cart should have the flexibility to let visitor edit or delete the items right on the cart.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Ensure the Security

The security issue is a great concern to shoppers as if you want they to purchase, you have to provide them the most security system to ensure that shoppers information is not stolen by the hackers or there will not have any virus to attack their laptops and PC. A banner of security promise for shoppers to noticeable will definitely help.

Return Policy

What happens if the product you buy does not fit your original purpose and you can not use it for and other ideas? Your shoppers will meet this problem continuously and what you should do is offer them with the return policy. Posting a banner with the content of “Don’t afraid to buy, return if you don’t like” or something related to catch your shoppers eyes with your guarantee. And when they click, they will be directed to the return policy page to view before purchasing.

Live Chat Support

Mobile Adaptability

As smart devices are speedily developing nowadays, keeping your shoppers satisfy by adopting the responsive design is important. You should design your page to allow shoppers suffer around effortlessly on every size of the screen.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Customer Reviews

Reviews from previous customers will increase shoppers trust for your brand. As customer reviews are social proof for the realistic experience of previous buyers, visitors will be comfortable to purchase on your store. Therefore, you should always encourage shoppers to review the products.

One Step Checkout

Using an extension to create a one-page checkout for your site is necessary as shoppers do not have to reload the site to complete their checkout process over and over again. Below is an example of Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension from Mageplaza. Besides the one step checkout process, there are some auto-tools to help shoppers check out faster with more excitement.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Cross-sell and up-sell products shown on banner ads appear to offer shoppers with relevant items that they may concern about. These relevant items will boost your sale as well as give shoppers other choices if the one they choose does not fit their expectation. However, cross-sell and up-sell products had better be the most related items to the one shoppers select to ensure no one would be bothered by the ads.